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Brought to you by The Cable Center, an educational nonprofit supporting the media, cable and telecommunications industry. This podcast series features the industry’s visionaries and leaders sharing their unique insights and experiences. This Podcast series is made possible through generous underwriting provided by the Cable TV Pioneers.

S1, E7 Women Trailblazers

March 28, 2017

Women Trailblazers.  This podcast features three women who broke through the traditionally male-dominated cable business. Not only did they shatter gender barriers, these women served as advocates and mentors for both men and women throughout their careers. Today we’ll hear insights from Sheila Nevins, president of HBO documentary films. She has produced over one thousand documentary films for HBO and is one of the most influential people in documentary filmmaking. You’ll also hear from Colleen Abdoulah, CEO/President of Wide Open West (WOW!) and Anne Sweeney, former co-chair of Disney Media. Together they are responsible for inspiring hundreds, if not thousands, to enter the cable industry, rise through the ranks and make their own contribution to the cable industry.