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Brought to you by The Cable Center, an educational nonprofit supporting the media, cable and telecommunications industry. This podcast series features the industry’s visionaries and leaders sharing their unique insights and experiences.

August 14, 2019

S2, E9 The Cable Center’s Intrapreneurship Academy - A Lecture from Coleman Breland

August 7, 2019

S2, E8 The Cable Center’s Intrapreneurship Academy - A Lecture from Leslie Ellis and Ken Klaer

July 31, 2019

S2, E7 The Cable Center’s Intrapreneurship Academy - Why Intrapreneurship?

July 24, 2019

S2, E6 CableLabs: Leghorn’s Legacy

July 17, 2019

S2, E5 CableLabs: 30 Years of Tech Innovation- CableLabs Today & Tomorrow

July 10, 2019

S2, E3 C-SPAN Related Oral Histories - Rob Kennedy & Susan Swain

July 3, 2019

S2, E3 C-SPAN at 40: Cables Gift to Democracy

June 25, 2019

S2, E2 Risk Taking with Paul Kagan

June 18, 2019

S2, E1 Risk Taking - Financial Leaps of Faith

April 18, 2017

S1, E12 DOCSIS 20th Anniversary Panel

DOCSIS celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015. To commemorate this industry milestone, Larry Satkowiak, former President and CEO of The Cable Center, gathered CableLabs veterans Robert Cruickshank III, Thomas Moore, and Brian Reilly to chronicle their work together on the DOCSIS development process in the early 1990s, leading up to the deployment of cable modems and two-way broadband communications at speeds nobody had seen before. Cruickshank also discusses the lessons learned from the telephone companies’ development of ISDN and the importance of standardized equipment specifications and interoperability.