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Brought to you by The Cable Center, an educational nonprofit supporting the media, cable and telecommunications industry. This podcast series features the industry’s visionaries and leaders sharing their unique insights and experiences. This Podcast series is made possible through generous underwriting provided by the Cable TV Pioneers.

S1, E5 Cable Cowboys and American Entrepreneurs

March 21, 2017

Cable Cowboys and American Entrepreneurs. Back in the early days of cable distribution in the 1950s, and of satellite-delivered network programming in the 1970s, it took a certain type of businessperson to not just survive, but thrive under such harsh conditions. It took brilliant vision, a high risk tolerance and dogged tenacity. It also took an absolute, personal belief in cable’s potential to forever change television and communications and the roles they came to play in our society.

The six industry leaders featured this week are all prime examples of individuals who put it all on the line to build, shape and grow the cable business, and today, their influence is still strongly felt throughout the world.